Lewis Hamilton continues Mercedes domination of Formula One, but the Chinese got it all wrong

I shall acknowledge it folks, i have already been slightly from touch with Formula One the last few months, due mainly to work pressure together with proven fact that cable in the United States costs a bomb. That could notably explain my lack of upgrading your blog because of the latest formula one happenings since the name for the web log plus the slogan suggest.

Shanghai Overseas Circuit, Shanghai, China. Sunday 20 April 2014. Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes AMG, celebrates in the podium as Nico Rosberg, Mercedes AMG sprays champagne. World Copyright: Charles Coates/LAT Photographic. ref: Digital Image _J5R7939

Lewis Hamilton won the Chinese Grand Prix today, with Germany’s Nico Rosberg in tow to perform just one more Mercedes GP 1-2. Here is the 3rd 1-2 the set have actually delivered this year out of the total 4 events.  Fernando Alonso clinched third destination for Ferrari completing the podium followed by the Red Bulls of Daniel Ricciardo and present World Champion Sebastien Vettel.

Nonetheless this race will never fundamentally be remembered for Lewis’s triumph however for blunders by Chinese Race officials including showing the chequered flag good 2 laps prior to the end associated with race. Nobody nevertheless knows what happened here and why the state was at such a rush to get rid of the competition, but based on FIA rules, the race finished there and also the next 2 laps failed to have consequence in the battle category.

This designed that a specific backmarker who’d produced maneuver to overtake for the seventeenth place had been robbed of their rightful position. The target was Kamui Kobayashi that has made the give Jules Bianchi.

The FIA guideline under article 43.2 states :

“Should for any explanation the end-of-race sign be given before the leading car completes the scheduled wide range of laps, or the prescribed time was finished, the race will be deemed to have completed once the leading automobile final crossed the line ahead of the signal was given.”

It was not truly the only mistake in race, there were more. A number of blue flags as per other media reports had been additionally waved improperly for most drivers.

Michael Schumacher in critical condition after skiing accident

Its been a long time since we updated your blog, but we now have some unfortunate news to talk about, Michael Schumacher is in critical condition after ending up in any sort of accident while skiing on the French Alps. The seven time world champ who’s frequently considered the greatest ever Formula One driver suffered mind upheaval and it is said to be in a coma currently.

He’d been airlifted up to a French medical center in Grenoble in which Gerard Saillant who is allowed to be Paris’s top neurosurgeon has brought throughout the therapy. Schumacher was reportedly enjoying a break together with his son at the Meribel resort. A statement produced by their representative suggested that he was using a helmet :

‘Michael fell on his head throughout a private ski journey in the French Alps.

‘he had been hospitalised and it is receiving health care. We require your understanding that we can not provide a operating commentary on his state of wellness.

He was using a helmet and had not been alone.’

Listed here is longing for a speedy recovery !

F1 2012 Review : quicker, cooler and more enjoyable to play

File:F1 2012 cover.png

If you’re a purist , this post is not for you personally, F1 automobiles are tough to push, that’s why they’ve people with many and many years of experience driving them. I play with drive help on and game is pure pleasure in that mode. Lots of people will say that F1 2012 repackages F1 for the conventional, our company is however ok with that.

Because of FreeStyleXtreme for giving us an evaluation content.

Very first things 1st, a lot has changed since F1 2011, at first once I received the game we thought that wouldn’t be a great deal various but Codemasters have really made the game more enjoyable, often via big modifications and sometimes via discreet modifications to your experience. Some of the things nonetheless do remain similar, you’ve still got a message inbox and a manager whom takes care of sending you random e-mail.

Physics/Graphics/Gameplay Improvements:

The Physics in the F1 game is exemplary, whether it’s the bouncing in the kerbs or the rainfall splatter from the automobile in the front. It’s possible to observe that sufficient thought moved into creating the physics engine.

Another cool feature may be the flashback feature, in previously editions in the event that you got state a 10 seconds penalty, you’ll must restart the overall game or finish in a terrible place by absorbing the penalty,however in today’s version, it is possible to pause, rewind and retake the part, perhaps not causing that accident or cutting the part and therefore avoiding playing the competition once again. You will find restricted range such flashbacks for sale in the game.

The visuals in game are top notch, the reflections look realistic additionally the songs are beautiful. The overall game has a right to be enjoyed in HD for a console (unless you do have a monster PC). Otherwise you’d miss most of the finer automobile details while the stunning fluid gameplay.


In addition to the old-fashioned championship modes and time test attacks present in the 2011 edition too, the overall game has several new modes added for your playing pleasure, when you start, you might be invited for the Young Driver’s test. It’s a number of tutorials in addition to situations to show your worth being a F1 motorist. It’s good introduction to the controls the 1st time gamers. You do wish to ace each test here as being a good score right here would earn you a spot with your favorite formula one team.

An individual will be done with the Young Driver’s make sure obtained your achievements, you can go onto the Season Challenge. The Season challenge is an exciting brand new area of the game wherein  you compete in 10 formula one events and choose a rival for 3 races at any given time. When you beat a competing, you’ve got the choice to simply take their seat. Its enjoyable as you would expect.

Another brand new game play mode may be the champion’s mode wherein you get to play against six world champions in pre-determined scenarios, the scenarios get progressively more difficult therefore the adrenaline rush is difficult to ignore within the roaring noises associated with the motor.

Overall Rating:

We are hooked on formula one and this game is really as near F1 action that you would get. We have been offering it a 5/5 score, the overall game provides never ending hours of gameplay.  Comparing to F1 2011, the overall game is more evolved and accessible, sometimes during the price of F1 purity, but that’s ok.

In the event that you enjoyed this review, at once up to our lovers who achieved it  : www.freestyleXtreme.com

Formula One jungle heads to Texas for the United states return

Texas american grand prix 2012 formula one

Indianapolis is recognized as the sporting capital of America, so its normal to assume that virtually all top-class renowned race occurs here, however 2012 is likely to be various. Whether December may be the end of the world remains become seen, nonetheless what’s yes is the fact that formula one battle in USA will be held in Austin, TX.


The race will be held in the $400 million Circuit of Americas, a quick Bing search tells me this is actually the 10th circuit to host the race in america.

Due to the fact first training went off, tweets from circuit’s account told united states a whooping 63500 had been in attendance the training sessions alone, that does paint a rosy image as the number should distend over the weekend and through the race. This could needless to say have the organizers and promoters delighted who are longing for continues Govt. support for the competition.

Governor Rick Perry is just a strong supporter for the F1 competition :

“The U.S. Grand Prix will bring 1.2 million visitors to central Texas, and is a chance to show individuals from across the world every thing we need to offer in Lone celebrity State as being a tourism destination, and as someplace to call home and work,” Perry ended up being quoted.

“This occasion is increasing our state’s profile worldwide, and represents a valuable chance to inform the Texas tale up to a completely new number of battle fans and choice manufacturers from all over the world.”

Bernie Ecclestone, formula one supremo, was equally excited by the circuit :

Bernie Ecclestone

It looks just like a permanent circuit and I also wish it continues to be permanent as far as Formula One goes, Ecclestone stated.

We have a contract and now we will be pleased to remain right here.

“It’s positively high grade. All things we wanted to have finished are done.

“We’ve taken the great bits from all of the different circuits and tried to put them together. It Will make good racing.”

Etihad releases Yas Marina circuit explorer to commemorate Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Etihad Airways has released an application that brings you one step closer to the action within Yas Marina circuit, you’ll drive across the circuit watching photos, facts and numbers towards grand prix.

There is also a movie posted of a real formula one lap at circuit.

The software in its complete glory is seen here :


Get investigate for yourself !

Ferrari commits faux pas in India by supporting murder charged Italian Marines

Oil and water don’t mix, and neither do activities and politics especially on things which are subjudice. In an incident of evidently bad advice toward Ferrari formula one group, the group is sporting the Italian marines insignia on their cars and released press releases around the exact same protesting their arrest.

Italian Marine flag Ferrari Indian Grand Prix 2012

For folks outside India, here you will find the facts :

1. The Italian marines shot down fishermen from the coast of Kerala in India.

2. Tried to escape to worldwide waters, played the jurisdiction card whenever arrest became imminent and also offered money towards the kin of those deceased.

3. These are typically finding a fair test in the courts with this nation.

The matter is sub-judice in Asia and marines are on bail. If they are innocent, F1chronicles hopes they might be acquitted , if they are bad they deserve punishment like any criminal.

The action by Ferrari in view of above facts can simply be viewed as stupid since the Govt. may do any such thing in the matter due to the courts handing the matter. The Ferrari group in its news release had hoped Indian authorities would locate a solution which cannot happen as courts are separate in India.

The initial release read :

In doing so, Ferrari pays tribute to at least one for the outstanding entities of our nation, also within the hope your Indian and Italian authorities will soon look for a solution to the problem at this time involving two sailors from Italian Navy.

Following the hue and cry, the Scuderia Ferrari group embarrassed had to enter harm control following the early in the day release and issued the following launch :

The Italian Navy’s nationwide banner on Ferrari cars on Indian Grand Prix is there being a tribute to one of our nation’s outstanding organizations. With the respect due to the Indian Authorities, Ferrari wants making it clear this effort does not have, nor should it is viewed as having, any governmental implication.

Some consultant has to get fired Smile

Michael Schumacher views German successor in Sebastien Vettel

Michael Schumacher Korea 2012 MErcedes GP

Michael Schumacher just a few races from the end of his job proclaimed which he views another big German F1 driver in Sebastien Vettel. He continued to phone the young German the new Mr.F1 from Germany. Speaking to a German magazine he had been quoted as saying :

“we additionally think he will win this year’s name, he has the best conditions for it.

“ultimately, I think he is going onto become Germany’s Mister Formula One.”

Speaing frankly about his your retirement, the German cautioned other people into after their example and coming back from your retirement :

“there must be some sense behind it. I’ve seen examples where individuals return and generally are hopelessly out-driven,” Schumacher stated.

“to have confirmation you are no longer sufficient is obviously a bad thing.

“and so i wouldn’t always motivate you to try it and throw on their own in their very own misfortune.”

“Mercedes managed to get clear they wished to keep working together with me personally,” he said.

Schumacher additionally admitted that the experience changed him from a behavioral viewpoint but as being a individual he’s still exactly the same.

“Yes and no. Being a person, i will be still just like before, but I’ve learned to be more available rather than to despair of hard situations, but to comprehend them,” he said.

“This has provided me a particular looseness that people have noticed.

“I am nevertheless the exact same person I was, but i’ve taken the blinkers off with that we regularly walk through the pit lanes.”

Michael Schumacher thanks Indian fans for overwhelming support at Indian Grand Prix

The German legend in the eve of their last Indian Grand Prix (unless there clearly was another comeback) thanked the Indian Grand Prix fans for the super help he got last year and asked for similar support in 2010 too.

“Last year we had a complete home. We’d a great deal support throughout the very first competition and that was pretty unique. I don’t keep in mind every other new country we explored with Formula one which got a great deal following. And So I desire to express gratitude to all or any the fans that supported united states a year ago and certainly will hopefully perform some exact same this year.”

“In India, we never ever thought I would be this popular. Before coming here for the first time, we thought only a small number of fans would know me. However the help is everywhere which is absolutely quite touching. The thoughts operate high for fans right here,” stated Schumacher.

The German made is obvious though which he wont be returning towards sport.

“we don’t desire to take into account the future but there won’t be described as a 3rd comeback for sure.”

The good thing was the German didn’t seem repentant upon reentering the sport.

“as a whole, the legacy nevertheless continues to be. I became a more experienced driver being in tough situations. I made some close friends now I Do Want To move on.”

Lewis Hamilton replaces Michael Schumacher at Mercedes GP, Is it the conclusion of road for Michael ?

Michael Schumacher Mercedes GP Singapore 2012

In an anticipated move the Mercedes GP team announced the signing of young Briton Lewis Hamilton ending speculation about Michael Schumacher renewing because of the Mercedes GP product. Lewis Hamilton ofcourse didn’t show any loyalty toward group that taught him as kid (McLaren Mercedes) and essentially gifted him a formula one chair. But that’s a tale for another time.

Why did Mercedes perhaps not sign Michael Schumacher on for the next period and exactly what does the long term hold for him ?

Mercedes choice to go ahead with Lewis Hamilton is linked to Michael’s indecisiveness on renewing their Mercedes contract. No doubt Mercedes desired to renew his agreement, that Michael and their camp had been showing disinterest. As well as in an activity that moves as fast as formula one, that can be a crime. So Mercedes covered their butts by signing good motorist in Lewis Hamilton now possibly making Michael by having an embarrassing end to their comeback.

In the beginning of the season, many of  F1 who’s who, including Bernie Ecclestone and Mercedes team major Ross Brawn had predicted Michael Schumacher to win not just races inside 2012 season but the formula one driver’s championship. Unfortunately 14 races into the season, the F1 veteran has failed to finish 50% of that time period. To his credit around 5 times it  has been a thing that wasn’t his fault. Yet still the statistics on paper appearance pretty bad.

But does that mean Michael Schumacher should stop formula one and not risk another season ? Hell No ! , Michael is driving pretty well, many a times you can observe its the automobile that is the restricting element and not the motorist. The person who put his legacy regarding the time by finding its way back from your retirement needs a better ending to formula one.

Ofcourse it might be difficult to match their past career stint , but it doesn’t suggest he shouldn’t take to. Sauber has expressed interest in signing in the ace German and as their fans we could just hope which he accepts the offer. Long Lasting future holds, here is one Schumacher fan who would love him forever 🙂

Sebastien Vettel shrugs off Ferrari rumours

Since Ferrari principal let it slip that Sebastien Vettel and Fernando Alonso could easily get along as teammates, Vettel has been inundated with questions over their ‘supposed’ Ferrari move. As well as for justification, the young globe champion may seem like a fitting prospect for the Italian group with not seen good fortune for 2 years now despite a reasonably competitive car.

Apparently Vettel features a pre-contract with Ferrari for 2014 and Fernando Alonso has recently veto-ed that he wouldn’t prefer to battle with Lewis Hamilton as partner,

Domenicali had stated: “i believe they are both smart guys in addition they could easily co-exist.”

At the same time Red Bull had been fast to counter and had stated they have Vettel under contract for 2014.

Sebastien Vettel at the same time had been cool being a cucumber, shrugging off the rumours :

“I’ve constantly stated Ferrari is a good team with a great history, sufficient reason for a good tradition in Formula One specifically,” Vettel said.

“But I’m very happy with in which I am at this time. Does it unsettle me personally? No.

“For now the main focus is completely on this season. If you would like have a say on this year’s championship, you are better off being fully focused because as you care able to see it’s acutely tight, having a large amount of champions thus far, therefore I require all my consider this season.”